Cataglyphis bicolor

Cataglyphis bicolor

Colony Type: Polygyny
Colony size: up to 5000 w.
Development speed: very fast

Queen: 9 - 11 mm.
Workers: 4 - 9 mm.
Majors 8 - 11 mm.
Colour: reddish brown, black abdomen

Nutrition: Insect food (Cockroaches, Crickets), Syrup (Water/Honey with Water (4:1/3:1/2:1 ratio)), Fruit, Vegetables, Jelly, Cooked Chicken without Salt.

Humidity: Arena: 30 - 50% Nest: 50 - 70%
Temperature: Arena: 25 - 35°C Nest: 24 - 28°C

Feature of the species: the fastest species of ants, they have elongated legs. It is recommended to heat the arena strongly, Ants show the highest activity at this temperature. Better heat the arena! Runners are distinguished by pronounced polymorphism.

Recommended nests for breeding: acrylic, aerated concrete.
Most of these subspecies require donor cocoons. But this species was raised by other breeders from a lonely queen. With frequent protein and syrup feeding. When making your purchase, make sure you are ready to breed this difficult species.
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