Polyrhachis abdominalis

Polyrhachis abdominalis

Colony type: Monogyny
Colony size: 10,000 w.
Development speed: fast

Queen: 9-13mm
Workers: 8–11 mm

Color: Black body, red abdomen

Nutrition: Food insects (Cockroaches, crickets), Syrup (Water / Honey with water (ratio 4: 1/3: 1/2: 1)), fruit, vegetables, jelly, cooked chicken without salt.

Humidity: Nest 70-90%, Arena - 50-70%.
Temperature: Arena: 26-30 ° C. Nest: 22-30 ° C.

A feature of the species: they have green-colored larvae, make nests on plants.

Recommended nests for breeding: acrylic, cork, plaster, aerated concrete, natural arena (aquarium).
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