Crematogaster minutissima

Crematogaster minutissima

Colony type: Monogyny
Colony size: up to 10,000 w.
Development speed: fast

Queen: 5-7 mm
Workers: 2-3.5 mm
Color: yellow, even more brownish-yellow

Nutrition: Food insects (Cockroaches, crickets), Syrup (Water / Honey with water (ratio 4: 1/3: 1/2: 1)), fruit, vegetables, jelly, cooked chicken without salt.

Humidity: Arena: 40-60% Nest: 50-60%
Temperature: Arena: 18 - 28 ° C Socket: 21 - 26 ° C

A feature of the species: to have a sting, to extremely raise the body while defending, from which the name of the ant is an acrobat. The sting and the acid are not used with great success.

Recommended nests for breeding: acrylic, cork, plaster, aerated concrete, wooden, cold.
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