Pogonomyrmex barbatus

Pogonomyrmex barbatus

Colony type: Monogyny
Colony size: Up to 10-15 thousand individuals.
Development rate: medium.

Queen: 10-13mm
Workers: 6-9mm
Color: Red-brown of varying intensity.

Nutrition: Food insects (cockroaches, crickets), seeds.

Humidity: Arena: 40-60% Nest: 50-60%
Temperature: Arena: 22 - 28 ° C Socket: 22 - 26 ° C

Feature of the species: They have a sting - the sting of this ant is considered to be one of the most powerful (level 3 according to the Schmidt Index).

Recommended nests for breeding: acrylic, cork, plaster, aerated concrete. It is necessary to maintain a humidity gradient, some chambers must be constantly dry.
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