Odontomachus hastatus

Odontomachus hastatus

Colony type: Polyginia
Colony size: up to 700 w.
Development rate: medium

Queen: 15-18mm
Workers: 12 - 14 mm
Color: Yellowish brown to dark brown

Nutrition: Food insects (cockroaches, crickets), sweet fruit.

Humidity: Arena: 60-70% Nest: 60-80%
Temperature: Arena: 21-30 ° C. Nest: 24-28 ° C

Feature of the species: they have a sting, Thanks to the fast jaws that open 180 degrees, they catch the prey and prevent it from leaving. This ant has the fastest reflexes in nature - mandibles accelerate from 0 km / h to 230 km / h in 0.13 milliseconds,

Recommended nests for breeding: acrylic, cork, plaster, aerated concrete.
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