Carebara affinis

Carebara affinis

Colony type: partial polygyny up to 16 queens
Colony size: up to 50,000 w.
Development speed: medium

Queen: 14-18 mm
Workers: 2-3 mm
Majors: 5-11 mm
Colour: reddish brown

Nutrition: Insect food (Cockroaches, Crickets), Syrup (Water/Honey with Water (4:1/3:1/2:1 ratio)), Fruit, Vegetables, Jelly, Cooked Chicken without Salt.

Humidity: Arena: 60 - 80% Nest: 70 - 90%
Temperature: Arena: 25 - 32°C Nest: 24 - 26°C

Species feature: best known for the large difference between small and large workers. They are very aggressive and will attack anything near the nest.

Recommended breeding nests: gypsum, aerated concrete.
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