Formicarium "Spoko"

Formicarium "Spoko" v.2

Medium formicarium for the initial colony.

Dimensions: 20x15x7 cm.
Arena: 18 x 6.5 x 7 cm.
Nest: 20x15 cm.
Chamber height: 9 mm.

Hole for 10 mm tubing.

  • 2 watering chambers.
  • 1 shift to increase the living space of ants.
  • open slot cover
  • additional protection against opening the last slider

This formicarium is perfect for small, medium and large ants such as: Camponotus fellah, ligniperda, maculatus.

In this formicarium, we recommend the colony of 10 workers. The first chamber is so big, so you can let a small colony in there. You can even let the lonely Queen in, in which case we recommend covering part of the chamber (2/3) with sand so that she does not have any stress.

The formicarium can accommodate approximately 500-900 ants.

Each nest has a unique colored sticker.
If you would like a formicaria color please ask for availability before ordering.
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