Formicarium "IDEAL"

"IDEAL" formicarium

A large formicarium for the initial colony. Both small and large colonies can be introduced.

Dimensions: 30x32x13 cm.
Arena: 30x11x13cm.
Nest: 30x20.5 cm.
Chamber height: 12 mm. (+new layer and colored cover)

  • 4 Holes for 15 mm hose. (2 in the arena + 2 from the slot)
  • 3 irrigation chambers.
  • 6 shifts, to increase the living space of ants.
  • opening socket cover (NEW)
  • additional protection against opening the last slider + arena

This formicarium is perfect for large and huge ants. Of course, you can also breed both small and medium ants.

In this formicarium, we recommend settling a colony of 15-20 workers. The first chamber is not that big, so you can put a small colony in there.

The formicarium can hold about 1500-3000 ants.

Each slot has a unique colored sticker.
If you would like a special color formicaria, please ask for availability before ordering.
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