Formicarium "Colors"

"Colors" formicarium

Large Formicarium for Big Ants. The formicarium is very tight and is also suitable for small ants

Dimensions: 20 * 20 cm.
Slot: 20 * 10cm.
Arena: 20 * 8 * 8 cm.
Chamber height: 8-12 mm.

The opening for hoses 8/10/16 mm.

10 chambers, including 4 with a gypsum base
1 humidification chamber.
2 compartments.

Parts for obscuring the socket.

The formicarium has damage: one part of the lid is broken, it does not interfere with the breeding of ants.

In this formicarium, we recommend the colony of 50-80 workers.
The formicarium can house approximately 500-1100 ants
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