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The most unusual gift for the New Year

Christmas is the time when dreams come true. And if it is sometimes difficult for adults to fulfill their desires, it is easier for children. However, not really. Someone asks for a gift from Santa's radio-controlled car or other toy, but now you won't surprise anyone with such a thing ... What is unusual about this case? An interesting gift for a child for Christmas can be found using the help of the Internet. And here's the right topic: "Top 10 gifts for 2020". Let's see ... The best New Year's gift for a child is an ant farm! And here every parent will wonder if the living ants are really what they needed. why this special gift will become the most interesting and memorable.

The best gift from AntOnTop

1) What is an ant farm needed for?

Ants have become full-fledged pets. Everyone knows that an ant is the standard of hard work. Indeed, the inhabitants of the ant farm are constantly busy with something, they are active, active, friendly and this makes them very interesting to watch. Caring for ants promotes a child's sense of responsibility as well as independence (farm maintenance is easy, so the kids can handle it on their own).

2) What is an ant farm?

Ant farm or formicarium - an artificial dwelling for ants, a home anthill. In nature, these insects can live in different places, and their artificial "home" is made of acrylic and plaster, but often glass, wood, sand, and gel are also used in designs. However, gel farms, which you can often find for sale, are in fact, completely unsuitable for keeping ants, as there is inadequate sanitation and an inadequate way of moistening there. In structures made of acrylic and plaster, the humidification system is good, does not allow the farm to get wet and maintains the desired humidity for about a week.

3) Which ants to choose?

Houses can contain almost any of the more than 14,000 species of ants that exist on our planet. But buying an ant breeding kit with ants, for example, from Australia or South America, is quite difficult. So the most common are the ants from Europe and Asia. The Messor structor reapers, as well as the Asian Camponotus parius and Camponotus nicobarensis, are considered champions of the simplest species of ants to breed at home.

4) How to take care of an ant farm?

Caring for an ant farm is simple (as we already wrote above - even a child can easily cope with it), however, elementary actions still need to be performed. Place the farm in a place where there is no direct sunlight and no drafts. Observe the hydration of the formicaria and do not hesitate to feed the inhabitants. A humidification system is needed so that the humidity is the same as in a natural anthill. To maintain the correct regime, it is necessary to periodically pour water into the humidification chamber, from where it spreads throughout the structure and provides the ants with moisture for at least a week. Feeding depends on the type of ants: reapers eat seeds and dead insects, Campy eat sugar and honey syrup, fruit and dead insects. You need to feed the ants every 2-3 days (but you can do it every day if you have time and thirst), leftover uneaten food that will be taken to the arena must be removed for at least a few hours after feeding or the next day. More thorough cleaning should be done once a month or more often depending on the amount of rubbish. Our projects allow you to leave the farm unattended while you are away, for example for Christmas or when you are away on vacation.

5) When to buy an ant farm for a New Year's gift?

The sooner the better. Despite the fact that the holiday is still far away, weather conditions should be taken into account. Our ants are hardy, they can tolerate long-distance shipping, but they cannot even withstand sudden severe frosts. The store delivers ants all over Poland and other countries with a 100% guarantee ... but with a late order, we won't have time to send the ants back before the holiday, if something suddenly happens on their way.
With ants bought in advance, nothing will happen while waiting for the holiday, insects are in a test-tube incubator, in which there are all the necessary conditions for life: air and moisture. If you bought the harvesters, they won't even need to be fed extra, as the tube already has a supply of seeds for at least a month.

So, throw away any doubts about how to choose a gift for a boy for the New Year, a girl or yourself. Buying an ant farm is easy and simple, and this unusual gift will delight your child, instilling a love for nature and living creatures.
Feedeing of camponotus kugleri colony
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