How to properly prepare for ants breeding?

A home ant farm is interesting to many people today. These insects attract with their unpretentiousness, which is important for a constantly busy modern person, which is combined with the possibility of a fascinating observation of their life. However, beginners should learn a lot of important information before keeping such pets.

How to set up your first home ant farm

Step 1. Patience and understanding
First of all, you need to realize that it can take 6 to 9 months for a colony to develop, only then is it really exciting to watch them. It is not possible to release a colony from an incubator into a formicarium until it reaches 40-60 workers. In addition, it is important to learn about housekeeping and feeding ants.

Step 2. Preparation
To organize an ant farm, you should know what equipment you need for beginners:
- incubator;
- formicarium (construction with arena, nest and good ventilation);
- arena (area for walking, hunting and feeding the colony).
Importantly, the formicarium must be equipped with a humidifying chamber.

Step 3. Care
The unpretentiousness of insects does not mean that there is no need for specific care. Another thing is that it is not bothersome. Proper household management with all kinds of ants requires the following conditions:
- temperature: from 15 ° to 25 °C, as animals become inactive under ever lower temperature conditions;
-humidity: it is important to understand that there are dry-loving species, the humidity of which in the environment should not exceed 60-80%, and moisture-loving, for which 90-95% humidity is important;
-lighting: in their natural habitat, ants live underground, therefore the beginner ant farm should be protected from bright light, solar ultraviolet light is especially dangerous for the larvae;
-feeding: for ants, protein and carbohydrate food is most important, but it is important to choose a diet based on the preferences of a specific species of ants: omnivores, predators and others;
-cleaning: you need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the anthill, as waste and food debris are prone to rotting, and this causes disease and death of insects.

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