Ant colonies in different sizes, colors and number of workers. You can also choose an ideal colony for yourself according to special criteria
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We provide 100% guarantee for live colony delivery.
In the event of the death of the entire colony or the queen during transport, we offer a full refund of the ants or send a new colony.
We try to make delivery as fast as possible! You can also place an order with deferred delivery.
Mail us if you want order out of European Union.
Quick answers in case of questions. Feel free to ask!
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What our customers say ❤️
  • Sarah Lewin
    Warszawa, Polska
    Najlepszy sklep z mrówkami! Spełnia wszystkie moje mrówcze pragnienia i co najważniejsze w śmiesznych cenach. Taka praca powinna być bardziej ceniona!
  • Bruce Pierce
    State of Michigan, USA
    Very happy with the order 😍 Shipping to USA only took one week!!! Maybe I'm very lucky, I'm waiting for very Rare ants from AntOn🔝
  • Jess Simpson
    Toronto, Canada
    My husband and I decided to get our first pets and accidentally chose ants! We were very surprised when we saw such a variety of ants in one store, and immediately ordered 3 different types of ants for ourselves ... the coolest is, of course, x.venator. Their eyes have bewitched us and we can't tear ourselves away from them.
  • Armin König
    München, Germany
    Bought nest "Comfort" - Compact, beauty color, does not smell. Entertaining, educational, interesting. Stress therapy for my children.
  • Eulálio Carrizales
    Сарагоса, Spain
    There are never enough ants - my standard thought when I go to my favorite store every week to order the next colony. I love the style and simplicity of the store, there is no unnecessary garbage, the eyes just rejoice from the ease of use! I advise everyone
  • Sajila Jabour
    no information
    I never knew that you can keep ants at home))) When my friends saw my colonies, they immediately started asking me about ants, and as a result, now they also have a lot of ants
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