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Consumer guarantee

It is important to choose and buy TOP quality products!
When buying any product through our online store, each consumer automatically receives a 100% guarantee that the product received will be new and of high quality.

By shipping your product, we promise you that you will receive the product you ordered as soon as possible! In the event that the goods are damaged during transport or the colony come dead in the case of ants, you have the right to take advantage of the warranty.

In order for the warranty to be valid, please kindly film the opening of the package or the order. If you find any problem, first write to us or call us and describe the essence of the question or problem. The warranty will not be valid without a video of the order opening. Photos or videos once opened are also not accepted.
Be knowledgeable and patient. We will reply as soon as possible and solve the situation together.

If you have a video - send it to us - no questions for you and immediate solution to the situation.

The customer has the right to choose the type of guarantee:
1) If we have a similar product/colony, we can resend it and it will be completely free for the customer.
2) 100% colony refund. The warranty does not cover lost workers unless a very large proportion of them died. In such moments, we consider each case individually.
For damaged item (not live), a refund or change will be issued after the damaged item is sent back by the customer. (the cost of return shipment is covered by the company).
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